Education for a changing world

Equip your child with the future-proof skills and more with the STEAM after-school program

More than just

science and tech

STEAM is an educational discipline that aims to spark an interest and lifelong love of the arts and sciences in children from an early age.

Engaging project-based learning

Each course comes with a special kit containing the materials needed for the selected program.

Curriculum authored by experts

Our STEAM courses are authored and personalized by experts in the industry.

Be equipped with future-proof skills and stay ahead

Accelerate your children's learning with our STEAM Courses. Taught by experts.


4 levels


4 levels


4 levels


4 levels

Data Science

4 levels

Engineering Design Process

4 levels

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

4 levels

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

4 levels

Mobile App Development

4 levels

Fundamentals of Coding

4 levels

What our STEAM Students and Parents say

Stay in the know

Learn about drones, coding and robotics on the STEAM after-school program

Classes start on October 3

A Yazi Academy Campaign that informs thegeneral public from a state of “no” to “know”

Bring the STEAM Program to your
school curriculum

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