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New Africa, New You
STEAM Challenge

Are you aged 9 to 18?

The Yazi Academy in collaboration with the African Student Council
presents the biggest African STEAM challenge starting on 1st March, 2023.

Join hundreds of children in Africa as they think collectively, collaboratively and solve problems.

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Professional Development For Adults
With Yazi, a successful career is just one step away.
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Fast-Track Your Child's Learning Journey
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Human Learning Algorithm

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Yazi learns how you learn in order to provide support along a lifetime of learning.

From the age of 3, Yazi has you covered with support for children's school subjects in several curricula (IB, Cambridge etc) to adult curricula for skills enhancement and career movement.

How does it work?

We use a verified network of tutors and mentors who are available to meet your learning needs when you need them and are available.

Professional Development for Adults

With Yazi, a successful career is just one step away.

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STEAM Program

Equip your child with the future-proof skills and more with the STEAM program

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Business Transformation & Optimization through People, Technology, and Data

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