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Starting October 3rd
#Coding #Drones #Robotics
Business Transformation & Optimization through People, Technology, and Data
Unsure what STEAM course to take? Our STEAM Bot can help you with that!
Boost your child's confidence with Live Tutoring
A Yazi Academy Campaign that informs the general public from a state of “no” to “know”
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Human Learning Algorithm

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Yazi learns how you learn in order to provide support along a lifetime of learning.

From the age of 3, Yazi has you covered with support for children's school subjects in several curricula (IB, Cambridge etc) to adult curricula for skills enhancement and career movement.

How does it work?

We use a verified network of tutors and mentors who are available to meet your learning needs when you need them and are available.

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STEAM Program

Equip your child with the future-proof skills and more with the STEAM program

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