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Artificial Intelligence

Get introduced to the world of Artificial Intelligence through a series of engaging hands-on activities

Why take this STEAM Course?

Jobs in the artificial intelligence industry are expected to increase by 2.3 million positions by the year 2030.

How does this work?

The STEAM Program is a virtual program and happens three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. A designated Yazi Guide will provide you with the necessary meeting links and serve as your coach during the learning sessions.

The program includes a STEAM kit with all the materials and licenses required by the curriculum. Each participant is required to have their own personal computer/tablet to join the program.

Course Levels

Level 1 - Patterns in learning

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Level I Kit will help students to begin to understand the concept of AI. Students will deepen their understanding of intelligence by completing tasks that have intentional constraints applied and they will create original products while considering multiple constraints. Throughout this kit, students will work with the Botzee robot, quickdraw with Google, and the artificial intelligence software contained within the Amazon Alexa Dot. Additionally, students will explore the importance of patterns in coding through music with Boomwhackers and Chrome Music Lab

Level 2 - Learning with constraints

The Artificial Intelligence Level II Kit will help students to begin to understand the concept of AI. Students will deepen their understanding of intelligence through completing tasks that have intentional constraints applied. They will work with the Augie robot and the artificial intelligence software contained within the Amazon Alexa Dot. While considering multiple constraints, students will create original products. Upon completion of this kit, students will have a fuller understanding of AI, where it is present in their lives currently, how to interact with it and teach it, and what it may look like in the future.

Level 3 - Creation of Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence Level III Kit educates students about the meaning of AI in a series of engaging hands-on activities that use both digital and analog tools. Students will learn that AI is dependent on a combination of human programming, data collection, and machine learning via a variety of activities. They will have opportunities to create their own data sets and machine learning models, participate in a series of Google AI Experiments, acknowledge and share examples of AI in their own lives, and learn to create a programmed network of input, processing, and output through engineering design and tactile coding activities with Cubelets

Level 4 - Training Artificial Intelligence

The Level IV Artificial Intelligence (AI) Kit will teach students about the core ideas of AI and how data is collected and arranged. In module one, students will learn the context of AI in modern technology and how laws and ethics are still being formed. Next, students will explore how AI uses patterns to learn data. By making a decision tree, students will build an interface model that emulates how humans would respond. In the third module, students will study machine learning using the program, Runway. Students will be able to create a slideshow presentation to show to the class. In module four, students will see how AI is used in creative art. Students will work with online resources that use AI technology to make a new creative result. This leads into the fifth module where students will learn the organization and collection of data. Using key vocabulary, students will explore how their favorite apps collect and store data points. Finally, the kit ends with an ethics game in module six where students will be faced with ethical scenarios and instructed to choose their position on the issue.

Start learning Artificial Intelligence

What your child will learn

Learn the basic concepts of AI
Work with multiple robot kits and AI softwares

What's included?

Each level will include a STEAM kit and licenses for the required software and applications for the course
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