Understanding Education

Yazi Academy is an ed-tech company headquartered in both Accra, Ghana, and Nairobi, Kenya. Yazi endeavors to uncover and democratize the human learning algorithm to the benefit of all. We set out to disrupt and evolve the understanding of education by providing new alternatives that consider the human condition and apply it to the community's needs.

What we do

We create personalized learning opportunities for students on demand, and new income streams for teachers.

How we do it

We created an easy-to-use mobile app:

For students to find the content, community and coaches that can support their Yazi personalized learning path.

For teachers
to find opportunities to create their own tutoring business.

How you can reach us

Call us anytime on +233 (0) 508-650-880 or +233 (0) 302-789-621

Email us at cs@yaziacademy.com

Locate us at BB83 Edwa Close, Abelemkpe Accra, Ghana


Each member of our founders team, and board of directors bring a distinctive perspective to the table to offer a rainbow of strategic and tactical approaches to the market. Reach us @ theboard@yaziacademy.com

Rama Zomaletho

With over a decade of managing technical and operational workflows for leading technology companies such as Blackberry, Google, and Amazon, Rama Zomaletho offers a unique blend of leadership,  vision and knowledge.

Andrew Nagengast

With over 15 years of experience from small startups to global technology corporations, Andrew has grown to become a successful driven business leader who thrives in a collaborative environment helping companies and teams achieve and exceed goals. He is passionate about building, coaching, and motivating successful sales and marketing teams across the globe to drive results through measurable results.

Dr. Mary Ashun

Advising Founder. A transformation leader with over 25 years experience in the Education, Scientific Research, Publishing, and Non-Profit Sectors, her key projects are centered on designing and creating Educational Opportunities for all levels of learning on the African Continent. 

Getting Started

What are the requirements to teach with Yazi Academy?
  1. We recommend that you have at least two years of experience in teaching, tutoring, coaching or mentoring.
  2. You must have obtained a degree from an accredited university. Great news is that this can be in any field or major.
  3. You must be legally authorized to work in your country of residence.
  4. This shouldn’t be a shocker, but a virtual class requires a few technical things to make it happen.
What is the application process to teach with Yazi Academy?
  1. Download our app to sign up, create an account and complete a simple form.
  2. Review some materials and do a short demo lesson so we can get a glimpse at how awesome you are.
  3. Do a mock session with a current guide (they’ll help prep you for the real thing).
  4. Sign your contract, get access to our app and start guiding!
How much can I earn?
You can earn between $6-40/hr based on your cost of living, and the various criterias of our dynamic pricing such as years of experience, student level, and much more. Because you select your own hours, total earning opportunities vary.
What kind of commitment is there?

There is no minimum commitment, you can work as much or as little as you’d like. 

What equipment do I need?

Well functioning equipment and supplies needed to teach classes include, but aren’t limited to: 

  • microphone (s), 
  • camera (s), 
  • computer (s) or smartphone (s) 
  • and an internet connection with adequate speed.
The Yazi app, and Yazi Guide app are having some technical issues. What should I do?

Please take a screenshot of the problem you are having and contact Support here.

Why is the interview and demo so important?

The interview is very important because, along with your qualifications, it will help decide whether you are a good fit. It will also determine your Level for payment.

What do I need to display in the demo lesson?

You will need to display how well you are able to explain activities to a beginner level student, how you are able to work with them to get complete answers, your teaching skills and your time management. Also, make sure to prepare in advance as this can help greatly during the lesson.

How do I interview at Yazi Academy?

There are two methods to interview with us. You can:

Record interview on your computer: Record your demo lesson at your own time for a recruiter to evaluate. 

Smart interview on your Mobile: You can also do your demo on mobile at your own time for a recruiter to evaluate. You can go to the App store or Google play to download the app.

How many students do I teach in each class?

All classes are one-on-one to make sure you and the student have each other’s full attention.

Do teachers need to communicate with parents?

Nope, our office staff will handle that for you.

Do teachers always teach the same students?

Nope, teachers can teach any student who books their class.

Do classes take place on Skype or another platform?

We have developed our own cutting-edge platform to facilitate our one-on-one classes.

What does teaching with Yazi Academy look like?

Check out our community page, where current teachers share their experience.

How much tax do I have to pay?

As independent contractors, for good or bad, you are responsible for your own taxes in accordance with individual tax jurisdictions or country laws.

When and how will teachers be paid?

Teachers are paid through direct bank deposits on the 15th of each month.

How long is each class?

Each guided session is guaranteed 30 minutes of active teaching time. After that, teachers may take a few minutes to leave comments. The total time commitment is 35 minutes per class, not including preparation time. Three minutes are also allotted for possible tech problems before a session is cancelled.

Is there a maximum number of hours a teacher could teach?

Yazi sets no limit on how much a teacher can teach - you have 100% control over your schedule. However, non-peak times may not be as popular amongst our students as they are not available for classes (they are likely in school or asleep). Please also be advised that it can take up to a month to get a relatively steady stream of sessions, as learners and parents get to know and try out new guides. We make no guarantee of a steady stream of sessions but do our best to ensure that we are keeping you as busy as possible.

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