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Gain the necessary skills to design, engineer and program functional robots

Why take this STEAM Course?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the mechanical engineering field, which includes robotics engineers, was projected to experience an average 4 percent employment growth from 2018 to 2028. A factor of this increase is the growing demand for the machines these professionals design as well as the emergence of new technologies.

How does this work?

The STEAM Program is a virtual program and happens three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. A designated Yazi Guide will provide you with the necessary meeting links and serve as your coach during the learning sessions.

The program includes a STEAM kit with all the materials and licenses required by the curriculum. Each participant is required to have their own personal computer/tablet to join the program.

Course Levels

Level 1 - Robots, robots everywhere

Throughout the Robotics Level I Kit, students will learn that a robot is a machine that can SENSE, THINK, and ACT. They will utilize Cubelets to explore these actions, and simulate real world application. This will be done by students building a robot they can control with their hands, as well as with action outputs. After students understand how a robot works, they will be challenged to work in teams to build a fast robot to win a race. By the end of this kit, students will have an understanding of the different parts of a robot, how they work together, and be able to build a robot to perform a specific task and explain how it works.

Level 2 - Designing robots

Throughout the Robotics Level II Kit, students will explore robots as machines. Each module begins with a student inquiry, focused on how robotic machines require a source of input to achieve a desired output. With the students leading the discussion, they will explore the attributes of robots and how scientists, engineers, and technologists design robots to behave a certain way, accomplish a specific task, and/or solve a problem. Through engaging, hands-on activities using Cubelets blocks, students will manipulate inputs to achieve desired outputs and explore how to program robots that can sense, think, and act. They will look to nature for robotic design ideas. Later, they’ll use a combination of design thinking and the engineering design process to create a robot using Cubelets and Legos that contributes in a positive way to either home, school, or community. Students will brainstorm, design, test, and iterate to create an innovative robot of their choice.

Level 3 - Robots with a purpose

Throughout the modules of the Level III Robotics Kit, students will gain an understanding of robots as programmable machines with interconnected parts and systems. Each module begins with a hands-on investigation into a different type of robotic concept. Throughout the modules, students explore the attributes of robots and discover how roboticists design, engineer, and program robots with the features and functionality to behave a certain way, accomplish a specific task, and/or solve a problem.

As students use the engineering design process to experiment and build, they will gain an understanding of the necessary inputs to achieve a desired output. Through participation in the Level III Robotics Kit modules, students will have opportunities to learn how to code using their choice of Bloxter or Python.

Level 4 - Robot Lab

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Start learning Robotics

What your child will learn

Learn the basic concepts of Robotics
Create and program innovative robots using Python or Bloxter

What's included?

Each level will include a STEAM kit and licenses for the required software and applications for the course
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