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Engineering Design Process

Learn how to create functional products and processes through design thinking and 3D printing.

Why take this STEAM Course?

According to a World Economic Forum report, 41% of the companies studied intend to adopt 3D printing by 2022

How does this work?

The STEAM Program is a virtual program and happens three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. A designated Yazi Guide will provide you with the necessary meeting links and serve as your coach during the learning sessions.

The program includes a STEAM kit with all the materials and licenses required by the curriculum. Each participant is required to have their own personal computer/tablet to join the program.

Course Levels

Level 1 - Solving problems with Sphero

Throughout this unit, students will be exposed to robots and the Engineering Design Process. The goal of the kit is to encourage students to explore robotics and coding through play. Students will work to solve a problem by identifying the problem, asking questions, and imagining how they can help solve the problem.

Level 2 - 3D Printing: Design, Print, Unlock imagination

In this kit, students will embark on the study of 3D printing by examining an object print and exploring the printer’s movement. Using small toys, they will investigate the various shapes that comprise an object and break those shapes down into a 3D model. Given two separate engineering challenges, students will first create an object and promote it to the class in a class challenge, and then work in groups to create a class biome with both 3D prints and other materials. This jam- packed unit culminates by asking students to pitch their own project for printing.

Level 3 - 3D Printing: A pathway to purposeful printing

The lessons in this unit will support instructors as they introduce students to the process, potential, and products of 3D printing. Beginning with a conceptual understanding and moving towards 3D printing with purpose, these lessons will support both instructor and student as they make their way into this exciting realm.

The lessons have a rich mix of manipulative activities, building 3D items in modeling software, and engineering challenges. Students will track their learning through an engineering journal.

Level 4 - 3D Printing Challenge: Solving a real-world problem

This unit aims to teach students how to help others by solving real-world problems using design thinking and 3D printing. Students will be challenged to empathize with others, understand a problem, then design a solution. Through the challenge, students will interview people, prototype and design solutions, then test them for success or failure. In the end, students will use 3D printing and presentations to finalize production and pitch their best ideas to the class.

Start learning Engineering Design Process

What your child will learn

Basics of Design Thinking and 3D Printing
Prototyping and design engineering solutions

What's included?

Each level will include a STEAM kit and licenses for the required software and applications for the course
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