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Gain the core knowledge needed for coding through fun and exciting hands-on exercises.

Why take this STEAM Course?

There are 627,000 open tech jobs in the U.S. alone and the majority are software developers or engineers. High demand means job opportunities.

How does this work?

The STEAM Program is a virtual program and happens three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. A designated Yazi Guide will provide you with the necessary meeting links and serve as your coach during the learning sessions.

The program includes a STEAM kit with all the materials and licenses required by the curriculum. Each participant is required to have their own personal computer/tablet to join the program.

Course Levels

Level 1 - Code your world

Throughout this unit, students will be exposed to some of the aspects that a computer programmer would consider when coding a simple animation or game. Students will learn basic coding terms such as algorithm, conditional statements, loops, and events. The goal of this kit is for students to begin thinking about how video games and computers function. Students will practice coding skills by playing with OSMO’s coding game as well as create an animation using Scratch Jr.

Level 2 - Coding with color

The Coding with Color kit teaches students about programming. They learn that, in addition to different spoken and written languages existing, there are also many different programming languages being used. Programmers choose to learn specific programming languages based on what they will be creating. In this kit, students will become the programmer and learn the Ozobot’s color language. They will then create color codes to move an Ozobot and teach science concepts. These codes will tell the robot how to dance and move down a catwalk, as well as how to engineer rescue plans.

Level 3 - Communication, coding and Mini Sphero

This STEM kit will teach students to code Mini Sphero through drawing, block, and text coding. Students will explore various types of communication and relate them to the ways they can communicate with Mini Sphero. As students start to learn coding, they will discover how to relate block coding to text code. In addition to coding and communication, students will expand their knowledge of geometry and physics concepts.

Level 4 - Coding foundations

Students in this course will gain the core knowledge needed to program in any language. They will begin by exploring programming including variables, input and output, conditions, loops, and expressions and quickly move on to using block coding to code sprites as well as a Raspberry PI and Breadboard. With this practical introduction to computer science concepts, students will be prepared to take their knowledge of programming to the next level.

Start learning Coding

What your child will learn

Learn the foundations of programming
Explore advance computer science concepts with microcontroller/computer kits such as Rapsberry Pi

What's included?

Each level will include a STEAM kit and licenses for the required software and applications for the course
Unsure what STEAM course to take? Our STEAM Bot can help you with that!
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